– Body cooling and blood purification: providing minerals, reducing pain, inducing sleepiness, soothing and preventing coughs, preventing diabetes, improving the milk source, bile passage, preventing odor. Lettuces are prescribed for nerve-excitability, mental depression, chest palpitation, organ seizure, stomach pain, wet dream, physiologic stimulation, gonorrhea pain, sleep deprivation, mineral deprivation, coughing, pertussis, nervous cough, asthma, abates, gout, organ joints, measles, kidney inflammation, dysmenorrhea, jaundice, swollen liver, constipation.

– Rich in nutrition: Every 100 gram of lettuce provides 2.2 gram of carbohydrate, 1.2 gram of fibers, 90 gram of water, 166 gram of vitamin A, and 73 gram of folate (vitamin B9). Lettuce also contains many mineral salts and alkaline elements, which help to “clean” the blood, increase consciousness and prevent many diseases. Lettuce juice helps to cool down the body. The high content of magnesium in lettuce juice makes it superior in recovering muscle tissues and enhancing the brain’s functions. Western folk medicine believes that if we mix lettuce juice solution with rose oil and apply such onto the forehead and the temples, it will stop headaches. Lettuce is also a source of fibers and rich in cellulose, which stimulate our stomachs to contract, helping us to escape constipation. Another plus point of lettuce is that it contains a drowsiness substance which is letucarium, helping us to have a “wondrous sleep”. Lettuce is also an idea vegetable for patients with diabetes due to its less than 3% content of carbohydrate. Moreover, it contains a relative amount of iron, which benefits those who suffer iron deficiency-related anemia.

– Cancer prevention: Due to a high content of beta-carotene, lettuce is considered by many medical people as a potential candidate for cancer prevention, a “long standing tree” in terms of preventing cardiac diseases, rheumatism, cataract, etc. A study conducted by the University of Utah School of Medicine (USA) shows that lettuce may lower the risk of colon cancer in both men and women due to the cancer preventive lutein contained in lettuce. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also consume a lot of lettuces for the benefits of fetus and babies, knowing that lettuces contain a high amount of acid folic. Lettuce is also a good fiend with men, helping them to prevent premature ejaculation. A solution of lettuce juice and spinach helps men to improve hair loss. Women who wish to lose some weights have frequently opted for lettuces as the solution to fill up their stomach and stop their hunger. Due to a high content of water and vitamins, lettuce also gives consumers a fresh complexion.

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